Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cell Phones

Cell phones are no longer the 'luxury item' they once were. Cell phones are now almost as vital as the air we breathe. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but really, think about it. Everything seems to revolve around cell phones these days. Cell phones have become so much more than just a means of Staying in Touch

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  1. Man! You can say that again. I remember back in Houston when I had my mobile windshield repair business and people were starting to get those things that looked like WWII squad radios...big and bulky.

    It sure changed fast!

    Now I'm over here in Korea (teaching English) and on the subway you see 50% of the people are either listening to music, texting, or watching TV on their cell phones.


    p.s. Gimme a shout if you know anybody who might be looking for a pretty good job (and not hard) teaching English over here. It's still wide open.